What Does Shaktipat Imply? Does It Assist in Kundalini Awakening?

As soon as upon a time, in historical India, there lived a younger seeker who was trying to find a deeper connection to the divine. He had studied with many smart academics and practised many non secular disciplines, however nonetheless felt as if one thing was lacking. At some point, he heard a few highly effective non secular grasp who was stated to own the power to awaken the dormant non secular potential inside others by a follow often called Shaktipat.

Intrigued, the younger seeker made the journey to fulfill this grasp, who agreed to transmit his non secular vitality to the seeker by Shaktipat. Because the grasp positioned his fingers on the seeker’s head, the seeker felt a surge of vitality coursing by his physique, and he was out of the blue overcome by a wave of intense feelings and vivid visions. When the expertise had handed, the seeker felt as if he had been remodeled, as if a veil had been lifted from his eyes and he might now see the world with a brand new degree of understanding.

From that second on, the younger seeker was a modified particular person, crammed with a deep sense of peace and pleasure. He felt that the non secular vitality transmitted by the grasp had woke up the kundalini, a robust vitality power inside him, and that he now had a better connection to the divine. That is the idea of Shaktipat, the switch of non secular vitality from one particular person to a different, and it’s thought of by many to be a transformative expertise that may result in better non secular consciousness and a extra fulfilling life.

On this article, we’ll discover what Shaktipat means, its connection to the kundalini awakening, and whether or not it might probably really assist in awakening the kundalini. We may even talk about learn how to follow shaktipat, together with ideas for locating a professional instructor and getting ready for the expertise.

What does Shaktipat imply?

Shaktipat combines two phrases – ‘shakti’ that means vitality and ‘pat’ that means descend. Shaktipat is a tantric approach the place the vitality of the cosmos is instantly transferred to an individual (disciple) from their guru or grasp.

It’s a very extremely revered approach within the non secular world. Shaktipat is understood to be the best yogic strategy of all and is usually known as the “mom of yogic methods.”

Shaktipat can solely occur when a disciple is actually linked to their guru with utmost loyalty and give up.

It could solely be attained after a prolonged time of self-discipline and non secular inquiry. The giver should erase the imperceptible limitations standing within the disciple’s method of enlightenment for them to be able to receiving it.

With out participating in any non secular follow, a scholar who receives Shaktipat could have divine insights within the house of a break up second and expertise bliss.

Anybody receptive to it might probably catch this vitality and obtain the Shaktipat. Relying on their openness and eligibility, it helps to erase the receivers’ profound karmic imprints and aids of their non secular ascent.

You’ll grow to be extra conscious of who you really are at your core—the loving being that you’re—because the pranic Spirit strikes by you.

What’s Shaktipat Initiation?

Shaktipat transmission by hand contact.

The act of performing shaktipat by a guru is shaktipat initiation or shaktipat diksha. Shaktipat initiation will start the transformation course of by self-healing which is able to result in a better state of inside consciousness and subsequently to larger consciousness. 

Shaktipat initiation is carried out by a guru in one of many following methods:

  1. Contact or Sparsha Diksha– The guru touches the seeker – on the third eye chakra, coronary heart heart, or base of the backbone – to transmit the vitality
  2. Divine mantra or phrase – The guru provides the seeker a divine mantra or phrase to be chanted. This mantra or phrase has been charged by cosmic energy because the guru has been chanting this phrase or mantra for a very long time. The mantra or phrase is sacred and distinctive and shouldn’t be disclosed in public by both the guru or disciple.
  3. Gaze or sight or Chaksushi Diksha  – Via a mere compassionate sight of the guru, the seeker might undergo shaktipat initiation.
  4. Thought or Manasi Diksha – When shaktipat initiation is completed by ideas. It’s most fitted for guru-disciple when they’re dwelling in numerous elements of the world.

An instance of Shaktipat initiation

Eklavya follow of archery is a type of Shaktipat by the seeker’s resolve.

One of many rarer and hardest types of shaktipat initiation is by the seeker’s resolve. Right here no initiation is required from a guru. The seeker makes a resolve or Sankalp to be initiated by a guru of his alternative. 

Because the Sankalp is the best type of loyalty and devotion of a disciple, the guru, who is taken into account an embodiment of cosmic divine consciousness, is compelled to answer the Sankalp of the seeker. 

Among the finest examples of this type of Shaktipat initiation is the story of Eklavya from the well-known Hindu textual content Mahabharat. He made a Sankalp of being taught and educated in archery by Guru Dronacharya by making an idol. He was in the end initiated by Dronacharya, who was unaware of this resolve and went on to grow to be a legendary archer. 

Nirvana diksha and mritoddhari diksha, are a few different types of shaktipat initiation. Within the former, the guru burns all of the karma of the seeker immediately, offering them with liberation or nirvana. Within the latter, the initiation is completed after dying.

These are extremely superior types of initiation and are extraordinarily uncommon.

An vital level to recollect right here is that the guru will know when shaktipat initiation is required. It’s by no means finished by power. Furthermore, shaktipat initiation is just potent when the guru who’s initiating shaktipat should have obtained it from a grasp.

It is usually possible that the guru will use shaktipat at a extremely superior degree of educating when a disciple is practising yoga for non secular goals to reinforce and enrich the coed’s information.

How does Shaktipat initiation work?

For shaktipat initiation, the guru and seeker should be nicely ready mentally. 

The guru should ask inquiries to the seeker to know their readiness and receptibility. If the seeker shouldn’t be prepared, there shall be no level in continuing with the shaktipat initiation. 

If the initiation is being carried out from a distance, the guru and disciple ought to be nicely acquainted and may arrange a date and time. The communication ought to be fixed and each ought to be nicely knowledgeable of any delays.

If the shaktipat initiation is being carried out within the bodily presence, it is strongly recommended that the disciple stays with the guru for not less than 3 consecutive days. 

In each circumstances, the seeker ought to be nicely ready mentally to take a seat for lengthy hours. They will carry a water bottle, just a few snacks, a blanket, or a cushion to be as comfy as potential. 

Any expectations from the shaktipat initiation course of must also be left behind earlier than coming for the ritual. The disciple ought to stay calm and give up wholly to the guru and the divine. No matter they expertise throughout the technique of the shaktipat initiation, ought to be felt and never be contemplated upon.

Usually, the initiation ought to be carried out within the early morning or anytime between 4 am to 10 am on empty abdomen. Nevertheless, initiations can be finished within the night or night time if morning shouldn’t be a possible time.

What occurs after shaktipat?

When you find yourself given shaktipat initiation, the vitality will get transmitted to the Muladhara chakra.

When shaktipat takes place, it awakens an individual’s dormant non secular vitality (kundalini) by descending by the guru. The Sushumna Nadi is the place this woke up non secular power ascends. It ascends to the best chakra, the Sahasrara, situated on the crown of the top.

Earlier than receiving shaktipat, the vast majority of those that get hold of it are devoted to their follow; subsequently, they sometimes return to it with newfound fervor and conviction. 

Moreover, the guru and disciple ought to be linked – mentally and spiritually – for the shaktipat initiation to achieve success.

Subsequently, when an individual is initiated, they need to observe it up with meditation and yogic practices to additional manifest the kundalini awakening. The shakti that has been transmitted from the guru to the seeker will promote purification and transformation throughout the seeker. 

This may increasingly additionally result in bouts of bodily actions, emotional and behavioral shifts, or bodily or psychological pains.

It is usually advisable that newly initiated disciples ought to keep away from going out in public because the vitality might unknowingly get transmigrated to non-initiates, leading to hospitalization.

Does shaktipat assist in kundalini awakening?

kundalini awakening symptoms
Kundalini begins illuminating at backbone base with regards to awakening. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

As said above, shaktipat initiation has the facility to awaken the kundalini vitality from its dormancy as nicely. It is not going to provide the full expertise of kundalini awakening however acts as a nudge for the kundalini to rise.

The perfect and most natural solution to stir kundalini vitality within the shortest time is claimed to be by shaktipat. 

Kundalini vitality is maintained at a secure vary when Shaktipat is carried out on an individual whose kundalini vitality was already robust at start. Kundalini vitality will get woke up for the primary time in those that haven’t but skilled it.

Discovering a guru for Shaktipat

You will need to be aware that shaktipat initiation will solely be potential when the time is prepared. Your karma right here performs an vital position. Your previous or current karmas will propel you towards shaktipat. 

The seek for a guru can be an vital issue to be thought of. 

Discovering a guru who has obtained shaktipat is actually a troublesome job. There are excessive possibilities it’s possible you’ll not discover a guru with whom it’s possible you’ll join totally. You will need to belief your instincts and select a instructor who resonates with you and with whom you are feeling comfy. Shaktipat is a private and intimate expertise, and it is very important work with a instructor who you belief and who will respect your boundaries and desires. Quite the opposite, there are possible possibilities that you simply would possibly encounter a extremely enlightened guru if you least anticipate it and obtain the shaktipat initiation.

Shaktipat continues in impact till salvation is reached. Of their afterlives, Shaktipat is due to this fact continued. However it’s essential to obtain formal Shaktipat initiation from a Guru as soon as in a lifetime.

Thus, there is no such thing as a clear reply as to whether shaktipat is harmful. All of it will depend on your karma and your preparedness and willingness to be initiated.


As a result of full uncertainty of the decision and timeline of the ritual, shaktipat shouldn’t be a particularly well-liked approach amongst non secular seekers. It’s troublesome to discover a guru who is actually blessed with shaktipat and has been given the duty to carry out this sacred ritual. Nevertheless, in case you are lucky sufficient, shaktipat is usually a really great expertise and may take you ahead in your path to enlightenment.

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