How you can Do Pet Pose (Uttana Shishosana) in Yoga—Correct Kind, Variations, and Widespread Errors

When your higher again appears to be screaming at you for hunching over know-how all day, Pet Pose is the right beginner-friendly asana to stretch the shoulders and lengthen the backbone.

Often known as Melting Coronary heart Pose, Pet Pose is a rejuvenating coronary heart opener that calms the thoughts and opens the coronary heart chakra for extra steadiness and pleasure in day by day life. You’ll be able to consider this pose as a cross between Downward Dealing with Canine and Baby’s Pose.

Let’s dig into every little thing you have to learn about Pet Pose, together with tips on how to observe and educate it safely.

Choose video? Right here’s our full tutorial on tips on how to carry out the pose:

Uttana Shishosana: The Intense Pet

In Sanskrit, Prolonged Pet Pose is named Uttana Shishosana. This interprets to “intense child canine pose” as a reference to the highly effective chest-opening and shoulder stretching. As you decrease down right into a full pet place, the deep backbend can work wonders on the stagnant spinal pressure that we accumulate from hunching over in our day by day lives. Despite its intense identify, this asana might be enjoyable and stress-relieving with the fitting kind and props.

Is pet pose a coronary heart opener?

Pet Pose can also be known as Melting Coronary heart Poes as a result of it’s a susceptible (downward-facing) place that opens the center towards the Earth. In its full expression, this asana creates a giant stretch throughout the chest, collar-bones, and higher backbone whereas the hips stretch attain the sky.

This heart-opening posture is a slight inversion that brings the center simply greater than the pinnacle, which creates a way of calmness and stress reduction all through the physique. Nevertheless, it is very important enter and exit the pose slowly as a result of the modifications in blood movement may cause dizziness or lightheadedness.

Pose Advantages

Pet Pose is a back-bending posture that targets your backbone and shoulders. It may well depart you feeling calm, stress-free, and playful identical to a pet!

What are the advantages of practising pet pose?

Pet Pose is the right restorative posture for anybody who spends a variety of time at a desk or on their cellphone. It instantly counteracts poor posture by deeply arching and stretching your complete again. Even should you don’t go all the best way into the prolonged expression, you’ll be able to nonetheless reap all of those advantages from any variation of Pet Pose:

  • Relieve higher again ache: Pet Pose feels completely divine for tight shoulders or a tense higher backbone. As you decrease towards the ground together with your arms outstretched, the shoulder blades can roll again and right down to launch stress during the neck.
  • Improves posture: Most fashionable individuals are strolling round like hunchbacks with continual pressure of their higher backs. Commonly practising Pet Pose can dramatically enhance your posture and aid you get up straighter. This not solely helps with again ache, however aids in digestion, power, confidence, and core power.
  • Stress reduction: Bringing the center barely above the pinnacle creates a gentle inversion that helps you calm down and de-stress. The change in course of your blood movement helps soothe your nervous system and decrease the center price after a aggravating workday or intense yoga observe.
  • Calmness and power: Like Downward Canine, Pet Pose sends a soothing, calm power all through the physique. You’ll be able to shut your eyes and calm down into the posture, then get up and really feel extra energized for the remainder of your day.
  • Opens the chest and coronary heart chakra: A blocked coronary heart chakra can result in a scarcity of self-love, a concern of vulnerability, and feeling disconnected in interpersonal relationships. Bodily indicators of coronary heart chakra imbalance could embrace continual higher again ache and bronchial asthma or circulation issues. This posture helps to stretch open the chest and steadiness the center power so you’ll be able to really feel secure and open to like in all its kinds.
  • Stretch your abdomen: In case your abs are feeling significantly sore after a giant exercise, Pet Pose additionally presents a refined stretch throughout the abdomen that may soothe digestion and scale back bloating.

Step-by-Step Directions for Uttana Shishosana

  1. Start in Tabletop place on all fours. Preserve your shoulders stacked above your wrists and your hips stacked above your knees, with the tops of your toes resting on the mat. Deliver your knees to the touch one another.
  2. Stroll your arms ahead just a few inches and unfold the fingers as you root into the ground.
  3. On an exhale, attain your tailbone towards the sky and let your chest start melting towards the ground.
  4. Inhale and activate your arms in order that your elbows are lifted from the bottom and your forearms are urgent into the mat.
  5. Exhale and soften deeper as your brow touches the ground. Let your abdomen attain again towards your thighs and your butt proceed lifting upward.
  6. Preserve the hips stacked over your knees and let your backbone naturally curve as your higher physique opens with gravity. Don’t drive it.
  7. On every inhale, strengthen the arms and core. On every exhale, permit your self to launch downward. Preserve reaching ahead together with your arms. Really feel your chest soften downward and your backbone elongate.
  8. Maintain and breathe for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  9. On an exhale, slowly carry your brow, launch your neck, and look ahead. Press into your arms and stroll them again towards your physique.
  10. Very slowly carry to return to a tabletop or kneeling place. When you really feel dizzy or lightheaded, breathe and stabilize earlier than shifting once more.

How lengthy do you have to maintain pet pose?

Pet Pose must be held for five to 10 breaths, or 30 seconds to 1 minute. You will need to slowly and deeply inhale and exhale as you stretch by means of the whole backbone. Until you’re skilled with this posture, holding the pose longer may result in feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or faint.

Ideas for Mastering the Pose

Mastering Prolonged Pet Pose is not any simple feat, particularly in case you have tight shoulders or continual pressure in your again. The following tips aid you ease into the posture and use props when wanted.

Tip #1: Loosen up your neck

Puppies are nearly tension-free balls of fur. Channel that power by permitting your neck to sit back out and elongate. Don’t attempt to look ahead. Relaxation your third eye on the mat and breathe as you launch any pressure within the neck.

When you really feel like you’ll be able to’t calm down your neck and head, attempt inserting a block beneath the brow. We clarify this variation extra under.

Tip #2: Preserve lively arms and palms urgent down

Your arms are essentially the most lively a part of your physique throughout Pet Pose. Preserve your arms lively by urgent the knuckles of your fingers into the ground and preserving your elbows lifted from the mat. This properly aid you go deeper into the posture whereas staying supported. Think about your arms pushing ahead and away out of your physique in order that your torso can soften again and down.

Tip #3: Cushion your knees

In case your knees really feel uncomfortable in Pet Pose, use a rolled up blanket or yoga knee pads to assist them. This posture is all about opening the center, however that may be exhausting to do in case your joints are aching on the exhausting ground.

Tip #4: Pull your hips again and up

The resistance between your decrease physique and higher physique makes this pose so relieving and fulfilling. As your hips attain up and again, your chest and coronary heart can attain ahead and down. Think about a belt looped round your hips and somebody pulling your buttocks up towards the sky. Attain up together with your tailbone so you’ll be able to create an important massive slope alongside your backbone.

Widespread Errors

Prolonged Pet Pose is just not at all times as simple because it seems to be. Keep away from these errors to make sure that you don’t injure your again or drive your backbone right into a place it isn’t prepared for.

Widespread Mistake #1: Shifting too rapidly

Sliding into Pet too rapidly can damage your again or kink up your backbone. Getting into Prolonged Pet requires endurance and breathwork. It’s a type of yoga poses that you actually need to take your time with.

How you can Repair It: It’s essential to totally heat up earlier than making an attempt this posture. Then, put together a powerful basis earlier than dive in. Press into your arms and slowly arch your chest down and again.

Widespread Mistake #2: Inactive arms

It’s pure to flop downwards right into a restorative asana, however inactive arms may trigger you to open your chest farther than you’re prepared. Your arms are the inspiration of this pose that offer you management over how deep you go. If you end up slipping too low and feeling ache within the higher backbone, you have to activate your arms.

How you can Repair It: Preserve your higher arms engaged and palms urgent into the mat in order that your elbows are lifted from the ground. The armpits must be lengthy and stretched out. Examine that your elbows are rotated inwards and never splaying out.

Widespread Mistake #3: Lifted chin

Learners usually attempt to focus ahead as they return into Prolonged Pet, however lifting the chin can crunch up your neck and trigger extra higher again ache.

How you can Repair It: Tuck your chin underneath and place your third eye (brow) instantly on the mat. Think about your neck as an elongated a part of your backbone.

Observe: Some superior variations of Prolonged Pet Pose contain arching the neck backwards to deepen the backbend. Solely try this underneath the steerage of an skilled yoga trainer.


There are a number of methods to switch Pet Pose primarily based in your flexibility and luxury degree.

Entry Stage: Half Canine Pose In opposition to a Wall

For individuals who have a variety of pressure within the higher again, Half Canine is the gentlest solution to ease into Prolonged Pet.

  1. Face your physique towards a wall a couple of leg’s size away.
  2. Place your palms on the wall shoulder-width aside. You’ll be able to hold the arms at shoulder peak for a neater stretch or decrease to elbow peak in case you are extra versatile.
  3. Press your knuckles into the wall and elongate your backbone.
  4. Barely tuck your chin and permit your chest to drop down between your arms. Really feel your shoulder blades press towards one another. Your legs stay straight.
  5. Loosen up your neck and take 5 deep breaths.
  6. Slowly launch by pushing off the wall to face again up.

Newbie-Pleasant: Pet with a Block for Your Brow

Learners could have bother arching their again sufficient to achieve their head to the ground. Inserting a block beneath the brow softens the spinal curve. Relaxation your third eye on a foam or cork yoga block and stretch your arms overhead on all sides of the block.

Superior Stretch: Prolonged Pet Pose with Blocks Below Elbows

In case your shoulders are already tremendous versatile, you’ll be able to advance the heart-expanding advantages of Prolonged Pet by inserting your elbows on two blocks and becoming a member of your arms in prayer place. This can permit your chest to soften deeper towards the Earth.

Remember to place the blocks shoulder-width aside in entrance of you earlier than starting. Bend your arms in order that your arms attain instantly upward and your head goes down between them.

Security and Precautions

Keep away from practising Prolonged Pet in case you have accidents in your knees, hips, shoulders, or backbone. When you expertise ache in your shoulders, again off and transfer your arms outward.

All the time watch out when exiting Prolonged Pet Pose as a result of you could get dizzy or lightheaded.

Don’t observe this pose should you’re pregnant or have heart problems.

Educating the Pose

When instructing Prolonged Pet Pose, use these additional cues to securely information college students out and in of the pose:

  • Don’t let your knees unfold wider than your hips.
  • Preserve your elbows lifted and inward. Keep away from splaying them out.
  • Push your hips midway again towards your heels.
  • Preserve your hips instantly over your knees.
  • Activate your arms by urgent your palms into the mat.
  • Think about your shoulder blades kissing in your again.
  • Enable your coronary heart to soften towards the Earth.

Preparatory Poses

  • Baby’s Pose (Balasana)
  • Cat/Cow Pose (Marjaiasana)
  • Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
  • Upward Dealing with Canine (Udrhva Mukha Svanasana)

Counter Poses


All of us may use just a little extra back-bending and heart-opening. Subsequent time you’re feeling tense or hunched over, soften into Uttana Shishosana and channel your inside pet.


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